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Now an affordable option to Painting a Pool

Now an affordable option to Painting a Pool
Now an affordable option to Painting a Pool

With the ever increasing range of Pool Plaster re-surface product options now available, the resurfacing of a commercial or school swimming pool is now more affordable.

When weighing up the costs, against a painted pool surface, the benefits can clearly be seen.

Longer life expectation than a re-painted surface on top of an already deteriorating pool surface, which is quite often painted several times already, and sometimes in the dreaded chlorinated rubber pool paint.

Surface colour and material choice options, make this a must to at least do the sums of cost of painting the pool, life expectancy, and that of a plaster re-surface.

Enquire about this service

Enquire about this service

Our Retail Shop provides a free comprehensive Computerised Water Analysis; each individual step by step printout is thoroughly explained by our highly trained staff.

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