Commercial swimming pool & spa pool equipment upgrades

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Everything you need to operate your Swimming Pool or Spa Pool

We offer a comprehensive review of your existing equipment, complimented with a quote to upgrade your swimming pool or spa pool system.

Pumps and Filter correctly sized together based on your pool or spa pool water volume.

Automatic Sanitisation Units for sensing and dosing of Liquid Chlorine and a Diluted Hydrochloric Acid Mix for Chlorine and PH control in the swimming pool water.

Advanced Salt Chlorination Units that can test and maintain the correct Salt Chlorination and PH levels of your Swimming Pool water.

Ozone Units specific to your Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Requirements, to eradicate 99.95% of all bacteria and virus materials that pass through them.

Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Heating options, that are specific to your swimming pool and spa pool systems and water volumes, from Gas Heating, to Heat-pumps and even Solar Heating can make your swimming pool more useable.

Enquire here about a review of your pool's operation

Enquire here about a review of your pool's operation

Our Retail Shop provides a free comprehensive Computerised Water Analysis; each individual step by step printout is thoroughly explained by our highly trained staff.

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